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Questions and Answers

We are more than happy to help prepare you for the difficult task ahead. We therefore present a list of questions below, that experience has taught us are very common in the initial stages. We present you with the answers as well.

» Can anyone use the system on a daily basis?

- yes. Updating, editing and publishing new content in Synkron Via doesn't require a profound knowledge about CMS systems. The user interface is intuitive and recognizable which permits users without specialized IT skills to use and navigate in the system without difficulty.

» Can we create an unlimited amount of users on the system?

- Yes. You can create as many users, with permission to update, alter or publish content on the website, as you want.

» Can we choose the design of the website ourselves?

- Yes. Synkron Via can be configured to fit any design. This means that you can keep your visual profile if you wish.

» Can we handle the hosting of our website ourselves?

- Yes. This is totally up to you, but we recommend that you get approval from one of our consultants before making your decision.

» Is our website secured from downtime ?

- Yes. Should you choose to be hosted by our certified partner Hostnordic A/S, you are guaranteed an online time of 99,5%

» Are we entitled to support after our website has been launched?

- Yes. In co-operation with our Synkron Via partners Dynamicweb Software A/S offers support-agreements for the product.

» Is it possible to be trained in the use of the system?

- Yes. Dynamicweb Software A/S, the company behind Synkron Via, has offices in both Århus and Høje Tåstrup, where we offer courses in the use of Synkron Via several times a month.

» Does Synkron Via help preparing our company for the future?

- Yes. Even though your requirements to a CMS system is clear right now, they may change over time, if the organization grows or if the internal structure changes. Synkron Via is a system prepared for new developments and is a scalable system with an indefinite number of possibilities.

Eventhough your demand to a CMS is completely obvious right now, they will change in the future - for instance if your organisation grows or the internal structure changes. Synkron Via is Keeping up, every time the road change direction. it is very much a scalable system with endless oppertunities.
If you have the right competences, it is even posible to develop new functionality to the system by yourself. The system is created by the greatest CMS provider in Scandinavia which garanties that the system is being promoted in the future.

» Can we develop on the system by ourselves?

- Yes. Synkron Via is equipped with an excellent development platform called Developer Framework. It is a very open API which enables programmers to develop new functionality, should your website requires unique features or other specific demands.
If your company has competent developers employed, it should be fairly easy for them to develop extra functionality in order to make your website unique.

» What is Single Source Publishing?

- As something quite unique you can use the content from one document many places on the website. You will therefore not experience documents in the system with almost simular content - but few which can be used several places and in different formats. Easy and simple.

» Is anybody else using Synkron Via?

- Yes. We have a lot of clients in the public sector and many large companies use Synkron Via. At our reference-site you can read more about their Synkron Via solutions.

» Is it possible to upload pictures to our website?

- Yes. in the system you can find a folder which can contain an infinite amount of picture files - and of course other kind of files as well. You can also connect the eRez ImageServer to Synkron Via if you seek an easier way manage your pictures.

Questions and Answers

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» If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us at info@synkronvia.com
» If you wan't a free and non-commital demonstration give us a call on +45 7025 2090.