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Preliminary dialogue

Getting started

Getting off to the best start with a preliminary dialogue

Web-projects are often complex by nature and therefore choosing the right partner is of the utmost importance if the project shall be succesful.

The prelimininary phase of any project is often viewed as the most important.
Matching your expectations, wishes and demands - but also discovering new opportunities - constitutes the basis for a professional course of action.

Service and counselling

We have gathered a lot of experience with the most typical issues that companies in the private and public sector are facing in the preliminary phase.
With Dynamicweb Software A/S you get a competent sparring partner who can provide you with concrete examples of the challenges you may face when deciding on a CMS system.

With Synkron Via, these issues have been taken into account and we are more than happy to provide you with service and counselling that may help you on your way. Any preliminary contact between your organization or company and our consultants are therefore of course non-commital.

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